Only Alloderm/Megadermis for Bridge Augmentation?

Hello! Is it possible to only use alloderm / megadermis (thicker version of alloderm) for bridge augmentation? An augmentation of about 3mm is perfectly fine for me. Is it possible to achieve that with only Alloderm and maybe some fat injection? I know that initially the bridge would be made higher, so that after certain absorption you will get the desired height. Thank you very much in advance!!!! :D

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Rhinoplasty bridge augmentation

  The best and most consistent material used for bridge augmentation is the patient's own cartilage harvested from the inside of the nose. In a cartilage  depleted nose, ear cartilage can sometimes be used.   AlloDerm is typically used to camouflage dorsal irregularities in the skin and can resorb after the first year. Please see the link below for examples of dorsal augmentation we have performed  in our practice

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Alloderm for nasal dorsum

Alloderm is best used as a camouflage over any irregularities.  Cartilage is better for dorsal augmentation.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Alloderm Dorsal Augmentation in Rhinoplasty

There are many synthetic and natural materials that can be used for dorsal augmentation in the nose. Certainly Alloderm can be used for smaller amounts of augmentation. Since there is no piece of Alloderm that is 3mms thick, it would be necessary to layer several pieces of Alloderm together to create that amount of augmentation. The only question is whether Alloderm may undergo some resorption after surgery.

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Only Alloderm/Megadermis for Bridge Augmentation?

You can use Alloderm, your own cartilage or cadaveric cartilage to build the bridge. I have also found that Gore-tex works quite nicely for dorsal augmentation. There are various thicknesses available and they can be "stacked" to achieve exactly the proper amount of dorsal augmentation. Unlikely Alloderm or cartilage, there is no reabsorption of Gore-tex over time. I hope this information is helpful.

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Rhinoplasty for bridge augmentation.

Rhinoplasty for bridge augmentation is best done with your own cartilage and soft tissue   


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Alloderm for Nasal Bridge Augmentation

You can use alloderm, fillers, fat , and cartilage to augment the nasal bridge. There are advantages and disadvantages of each which a nasal specialist can discuss with you after an examination.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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