Alloderm Only at Mastectomy? I Need A Second Opinion.

Hello, I had a unilateral Mastectomy and have seen 5 PS so far, and everyone has a different approach. One Ps says alloderm should only be used at the time of Mastectomy afterwards there is no advantage to use it as in my case delayed reconstruction. What is your opinion on this comment?

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Alloderm can be useful in delayed breast reconstruction

The idea of using Alloderm in breast reconstruction is to form a sort of internal bra to support the implant (or tissue expander). The reason that it helps is because there is muscle to cover the upper half of the implant but not below, where it needs support. There are some patients who have thick enough tissues that it may not be necessary with delayed reconstruction, and the plastic surgeons who have examined you are in the best position to make that determination.

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