Can I Get Alloderm Lip Augmentation Without my Husband Noticing? (photo)

I cannot afford to keep getting restylane, and my husband strictly disapproves of any cosmetic procedure, so this needs to be a stealth surgery. I am torn between PermaLip and Alloderm. which of these can I have done, without my husband noticing (by kissing)? and how many days would I need to disappear?

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Permalip vs. Alloderm

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Thanks for your question and photo.  With Permalip, you will have a soft piece of silicone placed in the subdermal level (below the deepest point of the skin but above the muscles of the lips), as with alloderm.  Alloderm will eventually be integrated into the local tissues, but until then will cause a inflammatory reaction (swelling) that will persist for possibly several weeks.  Since Permalip is made of silicone, the body will not recognize it, and form a capsule around it.  Depending on the surgeon and size of the implant, this might not ever be "felt," but the local inflammation process seen after any procedure will be noticeable.  Have you considered fat injections to your lips?  This procedure uses your own tissue, and is very safe.  It can be done more than once under a local anesthetic, and the time to heal is usually less than a week. I would contact a board certified plastic surgeon who is familiar with the technique.  Good luck with your endeavors.


Robert Kratschmer, MD

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