Alloderm to correct depression left from parotidectomy. Will revascularization occur so lump will be more integrated in area?

I have had Alloderm sewn into a depression left from a superficial parotidectomy which resulted in about 80% removal of the gland resulting in a large depression below my right ear.There is a slightly raised appearance to the site now. He said it would go down but it has been 3 weeks and nothing. Should the lump which looks like a cyst go down one the Alloderm graft has fully revascularized and integrated into my own tissues??

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Swelling after parotidectomy with Alloderm

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Early swelling is normal after surgery as this is part of the wound healing process (inflammation-->proliferation-->maturation).  However, anytime swelling feels abnormal or discrete in areas, patients should follow up with their surgeon to determine what the swelling represents.

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Follow up

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The healing process takes time.  You final result typically takes months to see.  The way you describe it as a cyst makes me think that there may be something else going on.  I would definitely follow up with your surgeon to have him take a look at it to make sure it is part of the normal healing process. 

Michael McClure, MD
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Correcting contour deformities in the face...

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can be accomplished from a variety of methods, including the use of Alloderm.  If you have a lump that looks like a cyst, you should see your surgeon as you could have other issues developing.  In my practice, my number one filler is your own fat as its difficult to have problems when using it. 

Curtis Wong, MD
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