Why is the Alloderm in my Breast Calcifying?

2 years ago I had an alloderm implant to fill a cavity. It's calcifying more each year - now a hard lump. Life Cycle says it becomes natural tissue. Not mine!

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Why is the Alloderm in my Breast Calcifying?

Any acellular dermal graft  ( including Alloderm) can calcify it it does not become vascularized

You are not clear as to how the Alloderm was used .A photograph and mammogram would be helpfull

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Alloderm becoming firm

Generally, Alloderm is integrated into the tissue, so that it appears in continuity with the natural tissue, and nerves and blood vessels grow through it. When you mention that your Alloderm was used to fill a cavity, I wonder if it wasl "balled up"? This is not a proper wasy to use Alloderm, and could cause a foreign body reaction. Other causes of firmness include scar tissue around or near the Alloderm, recurrent or new breast cancer, chronic inflammation (shich is unusual with Alloderm, or the possibility that another breand wsa used, which may heal by encapsulation.

Whatever the situtation, you should be examined, and a mammogram and/or MRI may be indiecated to investigate what is going on. I would not just leave it alone.



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