is AlloDerm Usually Used For BA and is the Implant Placed Under the Pectoralis Major?

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Alloderm is used for reconstructive purposes

Alloderm is used in our practice mostly for reconstructive breast surgery.  It can also be used for breast augmentation revisions, however there is no clear indication for its use in primary breast augmentation.

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Alloderm is generally not used for routine breast augmentation, but in immediate breast reconstruction together with an implant. The implants are typically placed underneath the pec major, however, may depend on the individual. I would suggest scheduling a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a better understanding of the procedure. Feel free to contact me with any further questions. Good luck!

C. Andrew Salzberg, MD
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Alloderm is not used for primary breast augmentation

Generally Alloderm is not used for primary breast augmentation. Alloderm is most often used in conjunction with re visional breast augmentation. Alloderm is best used when there are deformities to a previous, unsatisfactory breast augmentation.

Breast implants can be placed either under the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle, or under both the breast tissue and pectoral muscle. The majority of patients choose to have the implant placed under the muscle where there will be more tissue covering the implant, giving the final result a more natural feeling and appearance. Implants beneath the muscle also have a lower rate of complications and capsular contraction. Ultimately, you will need to consult implant placement with your physician prior to surgery.

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AlloDerm and breast surgery

AlloDerm is commonly used for breast reconstruction with implants following mastectomy.   AlloDerm is not utilized in primary breast augmentation.   However, there is a role for these dermal matrix products in revisional breast augmentation surgery (to correct deformities from prior breast augmentation surgery).

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AlloDerm use and Breast Augmentation

In most primary breast augmentation surgeries, the use of AlloDerm (acellular dermal matrix graft) is not necessary.  In some cases - breast reconstruction after mastectomy, breast lift in which the tissue strength is poor, or secondary breast augmentation surgery for capsular contracture - Alloderm can provide for better/stronger tissue coverage over an implant, than a patients natural tissues alone. 

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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Breast Augmentation, is Alloderm worth it?

As most of the answers have indicated , Alloderm or acellular dermal matrix ( there are other similar products on the market under different brand names) is NOT generally used for primary or first time augmentation patients.  There is a growing body of work indicating it may play a helpful role in revisional surgery.  We all are seeing more patients who require revisional surgery so it is gaining popularity.  The cost of the product is an issue for those patients paying out of pocket for these corrective procedures.  Like any procedure, one can never be guaranteed the outcome will be fully successful.

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Alloderm and breast augmenation

Alloderm is an acellular human dermal matrix ( in other words, human skin that has been donated from an organ donor and processed).  I use an Alloderm - type product (there are several on the market) mostly for breast reconstruction cases ( breast cancer patients).  I will, however, use it in cosmetic patients for special circumstances such as difficult revision cases with either refractory capsular contractures or thinning of the soft tissue and skin cover that can be bolstered by the use of an allograft.  The product is quite expensive, usually much higher than the figure quoted above, and the pros and cons of its use should be thoroughly discussed with your consulting, board certified, plastic surgeon.

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Alloderm for breast augmentation

I do not use alloderm for primary breast augmentation surgery. I do, however, use it for revisionary breast surgery for patients who have implant mal-position, rippling, patients with thin skin, etc. I find that generally, primary breast augmentation with implants placed under the muscle give the best results.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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AlloDerm Not Used in Primary Augmentation

I am not aware of any surgeons who would use AlloDerm in the performance of a primary breast augmentation, although I almost always use it in breast reconstructions.  AlloDerm is a useful but expensive ADM which is not typically indicated in initial augmentations.  It can be of use in treating capsular contracture during revisional surgery.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Alloderm and breast augmentation

Alloderm, strattice or other forms of acellular dermal matrices are not commonly used in primary breast augmentation surgery, but are sometimes used in complex revision procedures.

Steven Wallach, MD
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