The difference between a compression garment and a binder?

After having Vaser liposuction I was provided with a compression garment to wear 24/7 for at least 3 weeks, and also a binder to go on top of the garment for exactly 5 days. I'm just curious what is the difference between the two in regards to liposuction, and why would I have to specifically wear the binder for exactly 5 days?

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Garment Versus Binder for Liposuction

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A garment gives evenly distributed MEDICAL-grade compression over the treated areas. The binder helps to provide some extra support. It also helps to remind you to avoid slumping and thereby crunching your abdomen and possibly forming permanent horizontal creasing of your abdomen as it heals after liposuction. I advise my patient to wear if for a minimum of 4 weeks, longer if they want. By that time, it's usually lost its elasticity and is no longer useful. Happy healing!

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