How to Alleviate Pain & Swelling in Thighs 3.5 Wks After Liposuction (Done W/ Mommy Makeover)?

I had a Mommy Makeover which included a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation, as well as liposuction to the inner thigh & outer thighs. I was initially pleasantly surprised not to have any severe external bruising or pain from the liposuction as I had a very difficult first 1.5 weeks w/ the tummy tuck and breasts, but it is not bad now. However, 3 days ago my upper thighs began to swell and feel lumpy and hard. The pain is horrible & burning & I've been told to just take Ibuprofen, and relax. Help!

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Deep burning of the thighs following liposuction

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It is hard to diagnose your problem but from your description of a burning sensation you could be having causalgia.  This is due to irritation of the sensory nerves.  The firmness is normal after liposuction but it can irritate these sensory nerves.  Massage of the area to help de sensitize the nerves is the first line of treatment.  Discuss this as a possible cause of your pain with your plastic surgeon.  He is in the best position to understand your surgery and treat this problem or rule out other more serious problems.  

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Hi there,

New or increasing pain is unusual. It could be a number of things, and is impossible to diagnose you over the internet.

You should contact your PS ASAP and arrange a review. 

If you were my patient I would want to see you.

Good luck and best wishes


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