Allergic Rhinitis Diagnosed Earlier, Underwent Septoplasty, few Months Later, Allergy, Difficulty to Breathe Back?

I was diagnosed Allergic rhinitis in the past when I had running nose,sneezing,burning eyes.Was treated with Nasal Spray(Mometasone Furoate).this didn't help.ENT Surgeon advised me to go through Septoblasty.after few months allergy was back and I didn't have mucus or runnynose but difficulty in breathing. Now when I have severe allergies due to pollen,my nasal membrane stops being receptive to air or swells from inside making breathing extremely difficult.clouding in my mind,inactive,indigestion

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Allergic Rhinitis and septoplasty

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Allergic Rhinitis means you ae allergic or sensitive to something. Allergy testing can help identify what you are allergic to.

The ENT doc probably diagnosed a deviated septum and hoped that by giving you more room on the inside, when the membranes swelled, that you would be more comfortable. You are still early from surgery, but sounds like a trip to the allergist may be helpful.

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