Allergic Reaction to Surgical Tape? (photo)

This is my THIRD surgery in 2 years. The first was horrible. The tape gave me huge blisters & several split incisions which left HUGE scars. At 8 months i did a scar revision. While they did not use the tape, this surgery made me look different and I did not like the results. After a year my implants behind the muscle were forced up to my collar bones anytime my arms moved. Again I had surgery to change the plane of my implants and the tape was used. Ugh! I am SO itchy, is this from the tape???

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Allergic Reaction to Surgical Tape

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Well the redness matches the position of the tapes in the photo, so that is the likeliest cause. Check with you surgeon about a remedy, such as hydrocortisone. All the best. 

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