Allergic Reaction to Glue After Corrective Breast Implant Surgery?

I scratched so much that It opened an area above the suture where the tape was placed after surgery. took over 3 wks to heal. PS gave 1 course of bactrim, but it still itches to distraction. I've noticed pains that weren't there before. I felt a burning sensation, but my PS is not concerned and wants to attempt 2nd corrective surg. (this time in his office) cause the improper suture left protrusion on side of right breast. Is there a definitive blood test to tell me if the implant is infected?

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Possible infected implant

This story is very confusing and without pictures it is nearly impossible to give you any advice. A white blood cell count may give you an indication if your body is reacting to an infected implant. However there is no definitive test. A blunt needle aspirate could obtain a specimen for culture but it risks rupturing the implant or causing a secondary infection.

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Breast augmentation

Unfortunately, without photos (or examination) it is difficult to give any advice.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to give you the best advice.

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