Allergic Reaction From Face Peel?

I had a very mild face peel and now my eyes and the area around my eyes have swelled up and very itchy. Will this cause me to have more wrinkles when this allergic reaction has calmed down?

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Allergic Reactions

Thank you for your question. Typically the peeling and mild wrinkles is due to temporary dehydration and usually resolves in a few days to couple of weeks.   You should have a consult  with a board certified dermatologist or a board certified plastic surgeon who has expertise in peels  and treating various skin types. Make sure you get seen in case you have an allergy to something found in the peel. I hope this helps.

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It is improbable but possible to be allergic to the actual peeling agent.

It is much more likely to react to additives to the peel or skin care products used after the peel.  I recommend contacting the doctor who performed the peel immediately.  If this was a home peel, call your dermatologist and let the office know you are in trouble and need to be seen.


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