Itching, White Spots and Infection Following Treatment, Is This an Allergic Reaction or Burn?

I had laser hair removal on my legs about four days ago. The day after my procedure my legs were itchy like crazy, swollen and covered with red white tiny dots. It turned into an infection and I had to go to the dr. They prescribed me 2 ointments, antibiotics and prednisone for about 2 weeks. I can't really walk because of the pain on my legs. Is this a burn or a serve allergic reaction?

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Photos would help

It's hard to say just based on the description. Usually with laser hair removal some irritation can occur, but nothing as drastic as you are describing. It shouldn't be painful and should be easily halted with an OTC allergy pill. Most patients don't even need this. That being said, do you have any noticeable burns on the skin, or bar marks where the laser was applied? Did they put some kind of topical numbing cream on you before the treatment - you could possibly be allergic to that? Consult the office that treated you and find out exactly what was used - creams, gels, machine, etc. and consider re-posting with photos. These two things might be totally unrelated also. There are many options for what you are experiencing so you need to start ruling things out before you can get to the bottom of it.

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