Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Botox?

I recently get Botox injections in my upper forehead, and all of a sudden I am getting whitish welts under the skin, and purplish brown pigmentation on random places of my face. Can this be the Botox going through my system? I have been to 4 Dermatologists in a week and no one seems to have any answers for me. Please Help!!

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Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Botox?

  No incidence of allergic reactions, to Botox,have been reported to my knowledge and I have been injecting Botox for over 25 years.  This sounds like a deep muscle bruise.  You might want to go back to the MD that did your Botox for evaluation.

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Allergic reaction to Botox is extremely rare, hadn't seen it...but did you really get Botox?

This does sound extremely unusual to me.  I don't think this is an allergy to Botox.  The only issue I've ever seen with Botox is an allergy to the preservative in the saline used to mix it up.  The reason I know this was not the Botox and was the saline is because I injected the saline with preservative only and it gave welts. These were immediate, before the patient left the treatment room.  I have subsequently injected the same person several times with Botox mixed with nonpreserved saline. I would question whether you got real Botox or a knock off.  

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Probably not a Botox allergy

Although rare reports of Botox allergies exist, the symptoms you describe do not sound like the effects of Botox. You did the right thing by going to dermatologists.  I would also recommend that you go back to the person who performed your Botox injections and ask them to evaluate you again and to see if there was anything that they did that could be related.  If none of the dermatologists you visited offered to do a biopsy, that might be something to consider in order to get a clearer answer about your skin problem. Hope that helps.

David W. Bray, MD
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