Allergic Reaction to Belotero After CO2 Laser?

June 5, CO2 laser, day 7 normal with peeling. Then, June 12th, had radiesse (had before- no reaction)into cheeks,then Belotero (given to doc by sample rep).The belotero was injected around mouth lines, also lipline top and bottom, around sides of eyes, and brow lines. By 11pm, face completely swollen with welts around areas where belotero injected.Doc says because co2 laser being a week ago. I think complete allergic reaction to Belotero? Put me on Methylpred & Cetiriz.Still swollen today.Help?

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Allergic Reaction Unlikely with Belotero

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Because hyaluronic acid is a normal component of the skin, it is unlikely that this is an allergic reaction.  I think the likelihood is a cellulitis and the treatment you received is appropriate.

Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

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