What Can I Take, Im Allergic to Asprin and Paracetomol For MOM?

i have had urticuria for 30 years . it is sever If i take pain killers the nerve endings in my scalp tingle my face and eyes swell , my mouth goes dry . I have TELFAST 180mg off my docter . I take them when i need them, .what pain killers could take ,I can tollerate 200 mg of paracetamol if i have a headache , but no more and sometimes take this with a TELFAST.If i need to take more i would be covered with a hives rash. I cannot take Asprin or any related tablets , i have a sever reaction

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Plenty of options

There are several options for pain and fever relief that are not Tylenol or aspirin derivatives. Advil orMotrin are good alternatives, with tornados being better suited for more severe pain. Your surgeon and pharmacist can find a good choice for you.

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Multiple pain med allergies

This problem will probably be over the head of your surgeon. Your primary physician may be able to help find an appropriate pain med for you.

What your surgeon can do, depending upon the exact procedures you will be having, is use a pain pump which can deliver 48 hours (or longer if refilled) worth of local anesthesia to the abdomen if a tummy tuck is done, and to the breasts.

Thanks for the interesting question, and best wishes. 

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Managing surgical pain

There are many pain medication to choose from. Discuss your allergies with your plastic surgeon and family physician and you will be able to manage pain after your surgery.

if you have multiple severe allergies you may want to consult an allergist

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