Allergic to Artefill After Treatment?

I had the skin test done a couple weeks before I had an artefill treatment and everything was fine. A month after I found that my body felt very itchy at random times all over and when I would scratch an area of skin, a red mark would remain where I scratched for an extensive time and sometimes even look like it was a raised bump similar to hives. This has been going on for about two months now. When I take allergy medication I do get some relief but I'm not sure how long this will last?!?

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Artefill allergy?

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The pre-test for Artefill is to check for a reaction to the collagen that is used to transport the PMMA microspheres to the desired site for filling.  The area of the test is to be observed for 4 weeks before concluding there is no allergy and proceeding with the actual product injection.  Any reaction shoud be localized to the area of injection, and should disappear when the collagen is absorbed - about 6 weeks. 

The reaction you describe sounds more systemic, and is probably being caused by another, separate allergen.  Just to be safe, I would recommend that you see your allergist, get the current problem under control, and get re-tested fro Artefill in a few months.

Allergy to Artefill

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Normally one should wait one month between the test and the injection. If you were allergic to the Artefill, your itching and redness should be confined to the area of injection though, and not a generalized itching. If it is in a distant area, there is likely something else causing the problem.

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