What Allergan Profile to Choose? (photo)

Under bust: 28.5" Bust: 33" Waist: 25" Hips: 34" Distance b/t nipples: 9" Distance-center of ribs across breast to side: 6" Areola diameter: 1" I'm 5'9", tall, slender, 125lbs Considering 350-400cc silicone Allergan implants and don't know what profile to get! My surgeon initially suggested 600cc HP+ but I don't want that big. I like the full HP look, but don't know if 350-400cc will be too small in diameter Allergan has multiple profiles: low, moderate, HP, and HP+ See pics for desired look

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What size breast implant?

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Thank you for your question.  This is a very common question for women to be troubled by.  The photos you selected for a desired look are helpful and something you should bring with you to your consultation with your plastic surgeon.  Without photos of you and in this online format, it is difficult to give you a direct answer.  Important factors to look at include how much breast tissue you currently have, your desired goal size, the width of your breast and how full of a look you are going for.  Many surgeons have various size implants in their office that you can wear in a bra to help give you an idea of how much volume you need to get your desired result.  Try a 600cc implant on for size and see how you think it makes you look--that is a very large implant.  Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and if you still have concerns, seek other opinions.  Good luck!


Allergan breast augmetation profile choice.

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For the same base width, the high profile is designed to give more projection than the moderate profile. Best to speak with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Tell him/her what your desires are. Make sure that you are on the same page before the operation. It is helpful to show him/her send photos that you like. He/she will make the recommendation based on you desires and your anatomy. Talk with the surgeon and tell him/her your concerns.  Together, you will find a plan that is right for you.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

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If you really want to look like that picture I would suggest 350-375 range that being said I dont know what you look like

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Must be in Texas!!!

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You sound like you have a great figure and could carry a wide range of implants but I agree that 600cc is way too large for you unless you're in Texas!!!  The look you desire has upper pole fullness while still maintaining a relatively youthful, natural result.  Your best option would be using the Allergan Style 15 implants (Moderate profile implant)...the exact volume would depend on the base diameter of your breasts and several other measurements but I would definitely not go into the 400 cc range!  Implants that are too large will just make you look heavier, stretch out your own breast issue excessively and could ultimately lead to a lot of unhappiness...good luck!!! 

Eric Sadeh, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

What size and shape implants?

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In terms of helping patients select an implant: I like to measure the width of the patient's breast, subtract some for the patient's breast tissue thickness, and use this number to guide the choice of the implant width.  That way, the implant will be wide enough to give you nice cleavage, but not so wide that it gives you "side boob".

Next, I have the patients try on the implants in a sports bra and t-shirt, so they can see and feel the implants in different profiles.  Then they can really see the difference between the commonly used profiles.

Of course, every surgeon has their own system.  Without seeing you, though, I suspect that 600 cc Ultra high profiles would be big, very round and very fake looking.  While some people go for this, it's more common in our practice for patients to choose a moderate-plus or regular high profile shape.  

What Allergan Profile to Choose? (photo)

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Implant profile is not a personal choice. It's not chocolate vs. vanilla.

The profile chooses itself according to 2 numbers.

Firstly, what does the diameter (or width) of the implant have to be? Generally this has to do with the diameter of your breast and the thickness of your tissues.

Secondly, what is the desired size of the implant?

The choice of implant diameter is made by consulting the manufacturer's implant chart to find your desired size with the correct diameter. Now you know the profile.

So, the choice of profile is not a matter of taste but a question of math.

Good luck!

What profile implant to choose.

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Thanks for your question.  I agree that 600cc implants would very likely be too large.  I think a HP implant in the 400-450 range would fit with your measurements and your height.

What Allergan Profile to Choose?

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I agree with the HP choice as for cc size in the 400 range +/-. Best to discuss in detail with your chosen surgeon. 

Choosing a 'profile' in breast augmentation

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Forgive me, but you are thinking this out way too much. There are only two considerations: The base width of your breast, and the volume you would like to be. For a given base width and volume, simply select the profile that best matches these two parameters. You worry about your volume and let the surgeon select the profile that will give you what you want. End of story.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
Rolling Hills Estates Plastic Surgeon
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Allergan implants

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I think a "baggy" test may be worthwhile to determine the volume that you desire.  An exam in person would be helpful.

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