Does Allergan Use Non Medical Sales Reps to Teach Physicians How to Inject?

Who teaches the plastic surgeons and physicians how to inject? I found an injector who does not have a medical license but she claims she worked for the makers of Juvederm / Botox and her job was to teach the physicians. She says she is actually more qualified than a Dr. since she taught over 500 Physicians and their medical personnel proper injecting techniques. Is this possible?

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Injector training

In the US you must be an MD or an RN to inject. If she is in the US, it is not possible unless she is a licensed MD or RN (registered nurse).  I also train for Allergan and I have never met a nurse trainer from Allergan.  I believe nearly all their trainers, if not all of them, are MDs from the core specialties (dermatology, plastic surgery, and facial plastic surgery).

Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon
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Allergan Canada does not use reps to teach injection technique

Allergan Canada does not use reps to teach injection technique.

I am an instructor for Allergan, and physicians like me teach other physicians and demonstrate injection techniques for BOTOX®, Juvéderm® and Voluma®.

For example, I will be teaching for Allergan in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg over the next couple of months; and I have taught for Allergan in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Thailand, etc etc in the past.

I think that the same situation exists in the US and other jurisdictions.

Kevin C Smith MD FRCPC [Derm.] Niagara Falls Ontario

Kevin C. Smith, MD
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Physicians learn botox injections from other physicians

Doctors these days learn botox in residency from other phsyicians.  years ago when botox first started, there were doctors who did it and taught others. Some nurse injectors would teach doctors too. I am not aware of non-licensed individuals teaching doctors to inject Botox, Dysport or Xeomin.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Allergan trainers are MDs

Allergan only uses MDs as trainers, period. The reps do not have licenses and therefore are not allowed to inject, or use, or show how to use, any of the products, even the peels and such that Allergan makes. Allergan is very specific about these rules and reps are terminated if they ever go against this. The statement below that you must be an MD or an RN to inject, unfortunately, isn't true. You must practice and use the license of an MD (meaning the MD is your supervisor and you use their account to order product) but frankly, in Nevada and many other states, any Joe Schmoe can inject. It's actually terrifying. But no, I would say that your injector may have worked for Allergan in some capacity, but in no way was she/he allowed to hands-on train physicians and staff. Allergan would have considered this illegal use of their product and would have terminated this person. Personally I'd always stick to physician injectors. Even if I'd trained 500 physicians to inject (which I haven't), my history of injecting Botox for 20+ years and my daily use of the product with happy patients, far exceed telling someone how to inject something.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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