Allergan 410 or Round Silicone for Slightly Tuberous Breasts? Surgery in Two Weeks. (photo)

I am having surgery in two weeks and am still struggling with a few issues. The main one is whether or not I should use Allergan 410 implants (one surgeon says my breasts are slightly tuberous and I need a lift, one says I do not, and another says the 410s will resolve the issue). If I use the 410s, I would like to be in the D range with nice projection, so would I use the full height with full projection? (I am 5'4 and currently size B).

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Implant choices for breast augementation

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The biggest problem that you have is the short distance from you nipple to the inframammary crease as well as the large size of your areola.  Each of the problems will have to be addressed independently.  From your photograph you can see the marks on your chest where you bra pushes against your skin.   This makes a red mark on your skin.   This is most likely the ideal location for your inframammary crease.  By lowering the inframammary crease it will take time for the implant to stretch out the lower pole of the breast.  The second problem is with the wide areola.  You can expect that the areola will get even wider with a breast augmentation and you will need to decide if this will be an issue for you.   With your particular shape I do not see any advantage for the use of a style 410 implant but this implant is not routinely available to all plastic surgeons in the USA.  I think that the most important issue for you is select an implant with the appropriate base width.   The use of 3D imaging using the Vectra system may also be quite helpful for you to visualize a result prior to surgery.   

Are the 410 breast implants for you

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You do not have a tuberous breast though areolar reduction might be something to consider with your breast augmentation. The 410 highly cohesive gel implant is a difficult decision for you to make. We look at the implant as a special use problem solver as the consistency is very stiff (gummy bear) and the incision to place the implant is fairly large. Why don't you just show your surgeon the photo you posted and tell him this is what you want.

Best Breast Implants For Me?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

It is extremely important that patients who are about to undergo breast surgery discuss their goals carefully with their plastic surgeon. Based on what the patient specific concerns are,  the operation that is recommended may differ. For example, some patients with constricted breasts (tuberous) wish to have their areola decreased in size ( decrease the “puffiness”).  On the other hand, some patients are not concerned about the areola size/puffiness and do well with breast augmentation only.

I would suggest that you communicate your goals clearly with your plastic surgeon ( I prefer the use of goal pictures).  Allow him/her to choose the breast implant size/profile that will best achieve the results you are looking for.  In my practice, a large selection of breast implants are available in the operating  room;  the exact choice of implants are made after temporary sizes are used ( with the patient in the upright position).

Best wishes for  a successful surgical outcome.

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