What are the risks of having another reconstructive surgery? (photos)

I am a 21 year survivor of breast cancer. I had a right sided mastectomy (1995) with latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction with implant ('96). I have undergone 4 reconstructive procedures. After the 3rd I developed cellulitis from a wound infection and lost the implant necessitating a 4th procedure for reinsertion of a new implant months later. The 4th procedure left me profoundly deformed. I hate what I look like, but am concerned that I will only make things worse if I go under surgery again.

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Not too risky.

Assuming that your are otherwise healthy, there are almost always options for improving your reconstruction. Your best bet is to find a plastic surgeon who is experienced with revision breast reconstruction--preferably one with expertise in microsurgical tissue transfer (e.g. DIEP/TUG/SGAP flaps), which may be your best option at this point.

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