Why does my nose run all the time since my Rhinoplasty in 1995? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty in 1995 when I was 17 to eliminate a hump and a deviated septum and my nose has been constantly running. I have gone to allergists and tried every type of allergy medicine and nose sprays on the market. I have also gone to an ENT and was told he didn't see any reason why my nose was always running, but that he did see a deviated septum. There is no difference in the amount it runs during different times of the year.I do notice that it runs more when I exercise.

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A runny nose after rhinoplasty

The nose can run for many reasons. Allergy is just one reason. Other possible causes included diet, hormones, and environment. Despite more traditional treatments with allergy medication, a runny nose may persist. A nasal or sinus specialist may offer surgery as another option, as appropriate. Speak with a sinus surgery specialist to perform an examination, which will likely include a CT scan of the sinuses.

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Runny nose following rhinoplasty

I have had patients experience rhinorrhea (runny nose) following rhinoplasty surgery.  It is not likely due to infection or Cerebrospinal fluid leak but likely a result of vasomotor or non allergic rhinitis.  There is no identifiable cause for this to occur and it is difficult to identify who might have this occur following nasal surgery.  It can also occur in completely functional nasal surgery without any cosmetic changes.  Nasal sprays such as Flonase, Astelin, or Ipratroprium Bromide may be of some benefit but generally not curative. 

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Nasal discharge

Any clear discharge from the nose since a rhinoplasty needs to be investigated.  There is always a small risk of CSF leak after any nasal procedure.  It is unlikely to be present for as long as you have had it but you should see an otolaryngologist with the specific question about possible CSF leak.

In all likelihood has it is vasomotor rhinitis and not anything serious.


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Nose running after rhinoplasty

Thank you for your question. The differential diagnosis of a chronic runny nose can be acute/chronic sinusitis, allergies, Churg-Strauss syndrome, residual deviated septum, drug addiction, common cold, dry air, lodged object, hormonal changes, medications, nasal polyps, spinal fluid leak, tobacco smoking, respiratory syncytial virus, and multiple more. In your case, a residual deviated septum may the cause of turbulent air flow and cause a runny nose. I recommend that you see a double board certified surgeon in both ENT and plastic surgery.  You should undergo an office procedure called rigid sinus endoscopy to fully evaluate the extent of your residual deviated septum. Additionally, a CT scan with contrast can provide critical information on your consultation. Best wishes in your recovery!


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Potential signs of an infection

Redness, tenderness, increasing swelling, warmth or discharge are all potential signs of an infection. Any time you have concern you should touch base with your surgeon.

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