Im 3 Months PO TT and I Have Vertical Scar Under Belly Button, my PS Did Not Cut Me Their Now Its a Keloid Scar? (photo)

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A biologically active scar is not a keloid.

Your plastic surgeon can tell you why the incision below your navel exists. It still is biologically active probably will be fine. It is not a keloid.

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Vertical scar after an abdominoplasty

This is certainly an unusual position for a scar.  It could be due to some degree of vascular compromise.  Was there a crusted scab in this area after surgery.  In any event, treatment may consist of scar massage or steroid injections.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Unusual Scar

This is a very unusual place to have a scar after a tummy tuck and may have been created when your surgeon opened the abdominal wall "too low" initially and had to reposition the belly button higher up.  If your surgeon didn't make an incision there I don't know how it could have developed.  In any case, your PS should treat you with silicone gel sheeting, compression, massage and maybe steroid injections.  It should improve with time and treatment.

Eric Sadeh, MD
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Hypertrophic scar


The scar looks hypertrophic and is an unusual place to have a scar in a tummy tuck operation. Was there any issue with dressings post operative or any infection to cause a break in the skin to cause the scar?

At this stage I would recommend seeing your surgeon and considering some steroid injection to lessen the hypertrophic scarring.  You could also just wait a while longer as you are probably at the height of scarring at the moment and you may find that the scarring settles of its own accord within the next 6-12 months.

All the best

Stephen Salerno


Keloid Scar?

This seems to be a statement, not a question. Most surgeons would call this a hypertrophic scar, not a keloid.

At three months, it is reasonable to expect some improvement since scars are at their peak of inflammatory phase of healing at 6-12 weeks. 

Scar creams, steroid injections, laser and scar revision are among the remedies available. 

How certain are you that there was no incision at the site in question?  All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Im 3 Months PO TT and I Have Vertical Scar Under Belly Button, my PS Did Not Cut Me Their Now Its a Keloid Scar? (photo)

More posted photos needed! But this is NOT a keloid scar, either! Best to obtain a few in person second opinions! 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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