I am mid 50's and use a lot of sunscreen and never sunbathe. I golf and get sunspots on lower face and legs. (photos)

I am mid 50's and use a lot of sunscreen and never sunbathe. However I golf and get some sunspots on the side of my face outside hat area. I have had a few different ipl/laser treatments. What laser do you recommend - I read about scion, Star, ematrix (no way, too painful). Photo below. I also have loss of pigment on my lower legs with brown spots which I had treated last year but same story as above. I would appreciate any advice. 

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​Correcting Hyperpigmentation with PicoFOCUS

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I can appreciate your concerns and address them with our patients daily.  We have had great success treating hyperpigmentation issues on all skin types with the PicoSure Laser with the FOCUS lens array.  We normally recommend a series of 4 treatments, once  every 4 weeks.  This treatment is non-ablative and has almost no downtime.  You will typically have a flushed complexion for 0-2 hours.  You can put your make-up on and go back to work.  After your initial visit, a typical PicoFOCUS appointment is less than 1 hour. 

The PicoFOCUS gently delivers bursts of energy deep in the dermis without causing harm to the overlaying skin.  The pulses work to break up pigment and stimulates new collagen and elastin production.  Your body’s own healing process sweeps away older, damaged tissue and ramps up skin turnover.  We sometimes pair the PicoFOCUS with a Pelleve treatment for additional skin tightening.

We recommend finding an experienced physician in your area.  Treatment prices vary by market.

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Revising your approach towards the sun

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With your facial sun spots you also are developing a bit of wrinkles and photo-damage.  Its hard when you like being outdoors a lot to not get a lot of UV exposure.  I would recommend finding a good dermatologist in your life that can approach your skin in a comprehensive way.  Your topicals should include a broad spec spf, topical anti-oxidants and retinals to help reduce the damaging effects of sun exposure.  Some injectables for replenishing lost volume would also help.  There are a variety of lasers that could help.  In my practice the Halo laser by Sciton is very good at addressing the spots as well as the texture and fine wrinkles related to photo- aging.  Find that special person (dermatologist) that you can trust and they will help you get your best most healthy skin.

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