Is this a reasonable cost for my Ablative Laser Resurfacing?

I am having a combination of ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing done on my face for acne scars. Since it is a partially ablative procedure and my entire face is being done, I will be put under anesthesia and it will be done as an out-patient procedure. The total cost for my surgery came out to 4,500$. After looking online I noticed that this is quite higher than most people getting similar procedures done. am I getting ripped off? Or is this price reasonable?

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Laser Resurfacing

Thank you for your question. Procedural price varies based upon local market, surgeon, and level of procedure while laser pricing depends on the procedure which varies based upon type of laser, depth, strength, treatment area, etc. When a full face procedure is done, twilight or mild sedation is often used. Always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon and feel free to consult with other doctors in your area to compare prices.

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Cost for Laser

Thanks for you question. There are so many variables with laser cost. The depth, type of laser, product, anesthesia, and location of the practice. The price you have quoted seems very reasonable. 

Stephen P. Beals, MD
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Yes, cost for fully ablative laser resurfacing is reasonable.

First of all it this is conducted by a Board Specialist, using the combination of multiple lasers, under anaesthesia it seems like a standard pricing. 

That is how much I charge in USD in Australia. This price also includes the anaesthetic time, nursing time, OT fees, and the lengthy follow up post laser procedure. 

I do believe this is fair. Please check your Specialist credentials and before and afters, remembering that if side effects occur, one should be experienced enough to manage complications (rare if conduced properly), and patient follow ups are adhered to. 

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Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane. Australia. 

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Laser Resurfacing

That is a reasonable price considering its the laser, operating room, and anesthesia. Each state's prices for lasers varies. If you are still concerned ask for before and after photos.

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
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How much should laser resurfacing cost?

Thank you for sharing your question. You are getting a fair price for the procedure. I agree with the other doctors that it is most important for a very experienced doctor perform the procedure. Good luck.

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Cost of ablative laser resurfacing

The total cost of $4500 is very reasonable. Lasers are expensive tools. The use of an outpatient surgery center, the services of a board-certified anesthesiologist and your physician performing laser resurfacing ( a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon) are all part of the cost. Shopping for lower costs will lead you to less experienced physicians or non-physicians.  Many kinds of doctors are performing laser treatments without the detailed understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the skin, or the procedure, that is needed for optimal results and minimum complications. Focused and detailed understanding and treatment of the skin is a core part of a 3-year dermatology residency and no other specialty comes close. I recommend avoiding comparing costs with non-core specialties. 

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CO2 Laser

If you want to compare costs, only compare between board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons.  Do not compare between medi-spas or other non-core skin professionals.  You will have the best results if you stick with the doctors with the proper credentials to treat you optimally.  Top quality care sometimes costs more.  Hope this helps.

M. David Cole, MD, FAAD
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Co2 Laser and Improvement In Wrinkles, What Are Risks? Costs?

I suggest you do not compromise your care for cost or distance.  Co2 laser is a big procedure and needs an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Combination Laser for Acne Scars

AnneBaylee  Thank you for the question.  Photographs and an in person consultation will provide the best formulation for a treatment plan.  There are many questions that need to be answered prior to cost?

  • Which laser is being used?
  • Is this laser approved for acne scars?
  • Why a combination at the same time?
  • is this being performed in an approved operating room?
  • Who is performing the procedure? doctor ? nurse?
  • Who is giving the anesthesia?
  • Does the price include all the medications and skin care?
  • How long has the doctor been performing this procedure?
laser treamtments can run from $500 to $5000 depending upon answers tot he above questions

You never want to discount your face by shopping pric.e alone , as this can prove costly in the long run.  there are multiple excellent combination procedures that have FDA approval.  My favorite is Bellafill ( long term filler ) and Venus Viva.


Best of Luck.   If you want a second opinion I am close by at my world class spa , Accents in Sterling Heights.  Tell Danielle we met on RealSelf 5862547692

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