Please help!! -- Strange post-Botox swelling near chin. Could you please help me figure this out?

I have TMJ and have been receiving masseter Botox injections for a year. My face starts decreasing in swelling within hours, but about 2 weeks after treatment I have bizarre swelling in areas just outside the injected sites. Injection sites are in the lateral and medial masseter, and right below my cheekbones. The swelling always seems to occur near the platysma/depressor anguli oris muscles. My docs told me they'd never seen anything like it. Could you please help me figure this out?

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Strange post-Botox swelling near chin.

Bruising or small hematomas may happen after masseter injections. These resolve over time. Injections of the superficial head only may cause the deep head to bow outwards and give the impression of swelling. Follow up with your provider is recommended.

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