Peeling 3 years ago dark spot come out after (Photo)

I had peeling 3 years ago after a 3 sessions started seeing dark spot in my fordhead is big and I notice this color change in one day I used every cream hydroquinone triluma but nothing works I am hispanic white skin color but I can't fade the brown spot. It is permanent

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Centrofacial Melasma

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You have a condition called melasma. In females, it is often related to hormones (pregnancy or birth control pills) and is nearly always associated with sun damage or unprotected sun exposure. It is more common in darker skin types such as yours. There are several treatment options that can help fade the dark marks, but no treatment will be effective without sunscreen and sun avoidance. The condition is chronic and will probably wax and wane over several months to years. I find that Tri-Luma nightly for 1-2 months in combo with chemical peels and diligent sunscreen use will lead to improvement in the majority of cases. Microneedling, when performed appropriately, can be a useful adjunct. Proceed with caution if anyone recommends laser or IPL to treat this- melasma is notorious for worsening after such procedures.

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