What size implants do I need? I'm a DD, having lift and implants with a lot of breast tissue. I want to be a full D. (photos)

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What size implants do I need?

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Thank you for your question.  With the amount of sag that you have, clearly a breast lift removing tissue would be quite appropriate and lead to a much better shape.  Having an implant at the same time is not an easy decision because you are requesting to be a full cup smaller.  A far amount of breast tissue has to be removed to be a full cup smaller.  Even with a small implant, it would be necessary to remove considerably more breast tissue on top of that to make up for increase in volume from the breast implants.  It might be more reasonable to have the breast lift alone and have the size reduction and improved shape that you desire.  The only reason to have breast implants would be to give fullness above, in other words, fill the hollow above.  If that's important, make sure your surgeon is comfortable removing enough breast tissue at the same time he is placing those implants, or else delay implants for a second stage.  I hope you find this information helpful.

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What size implants do I need? I'm a DD, having lift and implants with a lot of breast tissue. I want to be a full D

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There is no way to determine a specific size based on the information provided. An implant sizing system may be the best way to start.

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What Size Implants

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You are currently a DD, so the only way to achieve a full D would be to have a breast reduction w/ lift and augmentation. It is impossible to say what size implant is needed to obtain your desired result without seeing you in person. Your plastic surgeon of choice can discuss further after evaluating your breasts and overall body structure. In my opinion an aggressive reduction would be necessary to remove the sagging breast tissue. An implant would then replace the eliminated breast tissue giving you a longer lasting result with improved breast shape. 

Implants with a DD cup

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It is difficult to tell the relationship of the size of your breasts to the rest of your body based on your photos. However, you have some sagging that needs to be addressed either with a lady or a reduction. Adding implants to either of these procedures will complicate the operation and increase the risks. Sometimes one has to compromise and pick a better shape over a larger size. Discuss this with your surgeon.

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If you already are a "DD" then why would you need implants to be a "D".  A lift may be all you will need. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Dr Kayser

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Thank you for your question. Based on your question, I must ask why you even are having implants placed in the first place. If you are already a DD, adding an implant will necessarily make you bigger. The solution would then be to reduce your breasts to a size smaller than the D cup you want to be to be in order to then add an implant. This of course makes absolutely no sense at all and I would caution you to reconsider this decision. I've had too many patients come to my practice unhappy with exactly what you are asking for by surgeons who clearly did not seem to understand this basic concept.

Your surgeon may suggest that an implant is helpful in providing upper pole fullness, however, an implant is a man-made device which will necessarily, at some point in your life, have to be removed and or replaced for any number of issues related to mal-positioning, leak or capsular scar tissue problems and with that, additional costs and surgery in the future. If you have enough of your own tissue a breast lift alone is absolutely the correct procedure. Your breast size will not be reduced unless a reduction of tissue is undertaken as well. If you are currently a DD cup, a slight reduction would be helpful in achieving your desired D cup breast. Finally it is important to know that with certain techniques, such as the SPAIR approach, internal shaping is possible but if you feel that you want further fullness to the upper portion of the breast, the option of adding fat grafts would be much more practical and long-term efficient than an implant. I would certainly encourage you to view the video attached below and consider another consultation by a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in these matters. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit

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What size implants?

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Thanks for the question.  It sounds like you want a size smaller than you are right now. If this is the case you should consider a breast lift or a small reduction. Adding an implant will only increase your size. You should be very specific with your plastic surgeon and make sure he/she understands your goals. 

What size implants do I need? I'm a DD, having lift and implants with a lot of breast tissue. I want to be a full D.

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Thank you for your question.  You have very large breasts with adequate breast gland tissue and a breast lift alone may be all that you need.  Of course discuss this in detail with your plastic surgeon.  If your surgeon feels that implant as needed this size will be based on a measurement of the base width of your breast.  For more on sizing please read the link hello:

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