IV sedation vs general anesthesia for explanation of 1 breast? (photo)

I am beyond disappointed and devastated by the news I received yesterday. I must have 1 of my implants removed due to infection. I was told I was going to be under IV sedation and not general which I am nervous about because I am totally losing it. I'm falling apart. I think I'm having panic attacks in anticipation of all of this. I don't anticipate feeling any better the day of. I feel like I can't breathe now how am I going to be on the table? What about my airway and heart?

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Anesthesia for surgery

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Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Many who go under IV sedation have no recollection of the experience.  You need to be comfortable with your upcoming surgery and the best person to help you is your surgeon.  With regard to safety, anesthesia selection is based on length and complexity of the surgery.

Only One Breast Requiring a Revision

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Yes, a #revision can be done for one breast rather than both. In fact, this is not uncommon for implant failure, size or position problems. You will need to meet with your board-certified Plastic Surgeon to better determine your specific #breast #implant #revision needs. 

Breast implant removal.... depends on extent of surgery

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Hello. I am so sorry to learn about your infection  and the  need to remove just one of your breast implants. The type of anesthesia depends on the extent of surgery, but often it can be managed with just sedation. Try to remain calm and focus on the future! Good luck.

Anesthesia and implant removal

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You need to talk to your surgeon, but either way general or iv sedation should be ok. Best of luck....

#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - IV sedation vs general anesthesia

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I'm very sorry to hear about the problem you're having.  Fortunately it is usually possible to have an implant reinserted at some point.  You'll need to talk to your PS about that.  Similarly, you need to talk to your PS about these forms of anesthesia, both of which are widely used.  It's understandable that you're upset; maybe your PS can talk to you to help you through this and/or provide some anti-anxiety meds.  Both methods are effective, and can help you.  This will be much easier for you if you have good support from your PS so it's worthwhile to call him or her and ask to talk, explain your concerns, etc.  Again, though, I'm sorry.  Dr. Alan Engler

IV sedation vs general anesthesia for explanation of 1 breast?

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Sorry to hear about your infection and upcoming implant removal. In most cases, it is OK to remove the implant with just a local anesthetic or IV sedation (which gives a faster recovery). Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. 

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