I have a lung disease (bronchiectasis) - is it safe getting a full tummy tuck?

Am I at greater risk for complications due to my pre existing condition? My asthma and lung conditions are very well controlled only need meds when I have a cold or come down with bronchitis. My pcp says I'm a good candidate for the surgery and my ps as well. Is there a possibility I'm feeling this amxious and losing sleep over this due to the fact I only 11 days til my procedure?

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Bronchiectasis and Asthma - Is it safe to get a full tummy tuck?

Here are some precautions I would suggest to you to prevent any potential pulmonary complications after a full tummy tuck. You may need to cough more to clear your secretions. You may need more bronchodilator treatments to keep your airway open. You can have your tummy tuck safely, but I would be extra diligent in taking deep breaths, using incentive spirometers, and coughing after surgery and general anesthesia. It is normal to feel a little anxious before surgery. I hope my comments will help you better prepare for your surgery.

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11 days preop

Sounds like you got affirmative opinions from two physicians who know you a lot better than anyone answering your question on this site!  Some degree of anxiety is to be expected. 

Best wishes for your upcoming procedure.

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