What Are All the Types of Browlifts?

I heard about endoscopic and the coronal browlift, but what other browlifts are possible? Is there one where you don't have a risk of losing hair and it lasts a long time? Which browlift is the safest and has the least complications? Thanks!(:

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Browlift Options

Thanks for the great question. Yes, there are many types of browlifts. The most commonly performed for aesthetic reasons (i.e., rejuvenation of the forehead and eyes) are the endoscopic and coronal.  Endoscopic browlifts use small incisions placed behind the hairline and suspend the brow tissues using sutures or other devices (e.g., Endotine). This technique does not result in hair loss and does not remove any skin/scalp.  The coronal technique elevates the entire forehead and scalp by removing a strip of scalp behind the hairline.  Other techniques are used primarily in reconstructive surgery (e.g., for facial paralysis); these include the direct and midforehead browlifts.  More information on choosing the right approach can be found on our website. Best of luck moving forward!

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Types of Brow Lifts

In addition to the endoscopic and coronal brow lifts which will change your hairline position we developed the Irregular Trichophytic Browlift procedure to maintain the frontal hairline position or lower it when necessary. Hair will grow through and in front of the incision so the patient has total freedom of hair styling.

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There are many options

There are many options to improve the appearance of the peri orbital region, in my opinion you almost always have to address the brows, otherwise you do not get a optimal result. The older coronal lift will give you a scar which can be very visible specially with a wet hair, the endoscopic brow lift is an excellent choice when you have a surgeon with experience performing it, something that is difficult to find. You can also have a transblepharoplasty brow prexy, however the results are more limited. The direct browlift, which removed a strip of skin just above the brow, will give you the best elevation of the brows, however has the most visible scar. Some surgeons will talk to you about the limited incision non endoscopic brow lift,when you look at the scars, there is nothing limited about those scars. Your best decision will be after seeing a board certified plastic surgeon, remember the only board in plastic surgery recognized by the American board of medical specialties is the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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I prefer Trans-bleph brow lift

I have tried all of the techniques listed by the other surgeons here. For the reasons they have already mentioned, the older techniques leave a lot to be desired. I used the Trans-bleph technique using an endo-tine. It is a small dissolvable implant that it placed through an upper eyelid incision. It is very accurate as it hold the brow just where I want it. It also does not require a big incision on the scalp. After the implant dissolves, the brow heals in the more youthful position. Downtime is 1 week and it is much less invasive and more reliable than the other techniques. I have been using it effectively for 5 years in my patients. 

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Several procedures for brow lifting.

There are actually several different approaches for a browlift.  Coronal, anterior hairline, endoscopic, direct browlift and even an internal approach.  Your plastic surgeon can tell you the pro's and con's of each.

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Types of Brow Lifts

There are basically four types of brow lifts: Coronal, Coronal Hairline, Endoscopic and Lateral Subcutaneous Brow Lifts.  Over the years I have used all of these techniques.  For the past 8-10 years, I have mostly used the Lateral Subcutaneous Brow Lift.  It is predictable, does not create a "surprised" look, heals rapidly and gives consistent results.  It is also, in my opinion, safer than the other techniques since there is virtually no risk to the facial nerve with this method.  In large part, the success of any particular surgery depends on the surgeon's experience with that procedure.

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Types of Browlift Plastic Surgery

There are many types of browlift surgery: coronal, trichophytic, endoscopic, limited incision, mid forehead, direct, transbleph, etc. Every plastic surgeon will have his/her preferred method of elevated the eyebrow. However, many plastic surgeon will modify the technique based on the needs and goals of each patient. Every plastic surgery has inherent risks too. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

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What Are All the Types of Browlifts?

 I have performed Browlifts for well over 25 years and only use the Coronal Browlift.  It remains the "gold standard" for Browlifts.  There is the endoscopic method but this relies on suspension of the brow tissues with hooks, sutures or threads which can't last in my opinion.  You can find various, limited Browlifts like a lateral brow lift, direct brow lift (incision above eyebrows) or those using an incision along the middle of the forehead or in front of the hairline.  I have seen many of these methods used over the years and I feel that all of them are flawed in some manner versus the Coronal Browlift....you will however find many different opinions on the matter.

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Brow lift options

There are several types of brow lift surgery.  The technique selected should match the problem to be corrected.  A consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon will help you review your options.  

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