Are All Silicone Implants Memory Gel?

im very interested in having silicone implants. However the complications are holding me back. memory gel seems very safe since it doesnt move out of the shell. Also if something happens to the implants is there an warrenty that comes with them to where id only have to pay for the hospital fees?

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Are All Silicone Implants Memory Gel?

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All implants now are the Cohesive Gel type and Memory Gel is the brand name of this by Mentor Corp, one of the 3 makers currently in the US. The warranties are excellent. Lifetime on the implants themselves and if they do break, leak of crack the first 10 years you have them, then the company also gives you money to help with the other costs (Anesthesia, facility, surgeon). My personal policy for my patients is that if I put your implants in, I do not charge you a fee to replace them. I don't ever want cost to be a reason for a women to walk around with a deflated breast. But I am not sure what other surgeons do.

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Silicone implants

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Using a silicone implant is clearly your prerogative, however, I just wanted to bring up to your awareness the disadvantages of silicone implants versus saline implants : 1. Silicone implants are 3 times more expensive than saline implants. 2. When silicone implants rapture, it is quite a mess to remove them, as oppose to saline implants that are very simple to remove. 3. On large silicone implants or when the nipples are small, the implants insertion is done through a sub-mammary incision which can be unsightly, long scar or hypertrophic due to the skin thickness. Saline implants can always be inserted through a sub-areola incision, wher the scar is nicely camouflaged. 4. In case of asymmetry of the breast, it is easy to even them up as opose to silicone implants.

 In 25 years of practice, I  have used saline implants in 99.8% and they look beautiful and natural.

 Well, I hope that I gave you some food for thoughts.

                             Good luck,

                                                        Dr Widder


Are All Silicone Implants Memory Gel?

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The term "Memory Gel" is a trade name for the Mentor company's product. It is one type of cohesive gel. There are different degrees of cohesiveness, but all the major manufacturers in the U.S. use a high quality cohesive gel in their silicone implants.

All the manufacturers have warranties on their products, and they vary a little from company to company. You can log onto their websites for that info or call your surgeon's office. They will have the warranty info for you.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Memory Gel or Gummy Bear Implants vs. Cohesive Gel Implants, What's the Difference?

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Thank you for your question.

There continues to be confusion surrounding the different types of silicone implants, specifically regarding what is and what is not a “cohesive”, “gummy”  or "memory gel" implant.  I have seen a number of breast augmentation consults who have been told by other surgeons that the silicone implants currently approved by the FDA are “gummy” implants and won’t leak if they rupture.  This is simply untrue.  All of the implants approved for first-time augmentation patients are NOT what should be correctly known as “form-stable" implants, but rather as "cohesive gel” implants.  If they rupture, they will leak, despite the aggressive marketing campaigns of certain companies that suggest otherwise.  As I write this, "form stable or gummy" implants are only FDA approved for women that have already had an augmentation or for reconstruction purposes.  I am an investigator in the Inamed 410 trial, and so I am allowed to use form-stable, cohesive implants for some types of revision patients.


All FDA approved breast implants from the 3 companies producing implants in the U.S. have lifetime warranties to replace the implant(s) in the event of a rupture due to product failure.  In addition, they offer extended warranties that may help cover the cost of the surgeon's fee, OR and anesthesia.

Silicone Implants

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The current improved silicone gel implants are described as cohesive gel implants, which implies that they are semi solid and have been crossed linked in the manufacture process greater than previous implants.  Memory gel is one manufactures term, for this type of implants. 

Michael C. Fasching, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Silicone Gel and Warranty Differences Amongst Breast Implant Manufacturers

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All three U.S. breast manufacturers (Allergan, Mentor and Sientra) have silicone gel breast implants. Memory gel is merely a tradename of the Mentor product. There are some differences in the silicone gel properties of each manufacturer's implants but they are all FDA-approved. All have the lifelong risks of implant rupture so understanding their warranties is one day you will need to use them. Their warranties are very much like the silicone gel materials which have only subtle differences. Read and understand the differences between the lifetime replacement warranty and the 10 year replacement warranty.

Memory Gel is a trade name for the silicone gel filler used in Mentor implants

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All currently available silicone gel implants have cohesive silicone gel fillers. Each company, Allergan, Mentor and most recently Sientra have slight differences in the cohesiveness of their gel. It is not clear if these small differences result in any performance or other benefits to you. Each company have good warrantee programs that reduce your replacement costs when the implant shell breaks.

In Canada, we have had more highly cohesive silicone gel filled implants available for some time ocmpared to the implants available in the United States. Although the features of these implants appear to be an improvement over the choices available to you, each approved FDA approved manufacturer has good options for women wanting an alternative to saline filled breast implants. Get more than one opinion from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons so that you feel confident that you understand your options.

Dr. Mosher 

Mathew C. Mosher, MD
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon
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All silicone gel breast implants are not Memory Gel

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Memory gel is a trade name for an implant marketed by Mentor. The implant is a silicone gel breast implant with a relatively cohesive gel that sticks to itself and will indeed reduce the spread of the gel when the implant does leak. However over time all implants will leak and need replacement, and all are safe. Both Allergan, and Mentor have good warranty programs.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Memory Gel

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Mentor Corporation's implants are memory gel implants.The term  memory gel is a patented term for the type of silicone Mentor uses. I personally like the characteristics of the memory gel for breast augmentation. 

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