If All Plastic Surgeons Go Through the Same Training to Become Cellulaze Certified, Why Do Their Opinions Differ So Much?

The main difference I've noticed comes to the question of when to exercise and for how long to wear the garment. I see Dr.Berman in NY recommend only five days for garment wear and to go back to normal activities after 5 days. I see others recommend wearing the garment for 2 weeks and spanx for approx 2 months and going back to regular activities in 2 to 4 weeks. Is the difference of opinion due to experiences with other procedures?

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Doctor opinions differ

It all depends on the preference of the Doctor, which they feel most comfortable for your body. Even though there opinions vary, it is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions.

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Questions about Cellulaze aftercare

Cellulaze is a laser assisted cellulite reduction treatment. While the treatment itself is fairly standardized, the post operative care regimen can be quite variable and individualized. Every practice will develop and utilize what works for them. Since this is a relatively new procedure, each surgeon will adapt what has worked in the past and modifiy as needed. If you choose a surgeon because your trust in that person, allow that surgeon to take care of you both during the procedure and afterwards.

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Cellulaze post-opertive care differences

Hello and thanks for the question.  Although we have all been trained accordingly by more experienced surgeons, we are given guidelines for post-operative care that better suits our patient population and compliance history.  There is no one best way to treat all patients, but erring on the side of cautiousness is prudent with such a new procedure.  Differences of days should not make a difference in the overall treatment, but minimalizing the use (or improper wearing) of the compression garment has been shown to cause deleterious effect with liposuction, which can be extrapolated to Cellulaze.  Best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

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Differences in Aftercare Between Plastic Surgeons Doing Cellulaze?

As Dr. Stevens pointed out, the training for Cellulaze is really directed towards proper and safe use of device. Obviously each training center will have it's own post treatment protocols, and these will likely be adopted in some degree by the surgeon trained. But there is no defined post treatment care regimen, which likely means there is probably little difference in the long term outcome regardless of what regimen is used. 

Like liposuction, there is significant variability between surgeons in their recommendations for after care. We like to offer our patients a series of ultrasound treatments after Cellulaze and Liposuction because we feel it speeds up the resolution of post treatment swelling, but I am not sure that I could prove that it produces better long term results.

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Differing Opinions on Cellulaze

Cellulaze does not give doctors a specific time frame to use, only that patients should wear a compression garment for a short period after treatment. Ultimately, your doctor will give you a post-treatment plan based on their experience and what they deem best for your personal results. 

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Cellulaze aftercare

Cellulaze training is really more about the procedure and not so much about the aftercare and post treatment regime.  Post operative regimes are most often based on the surgeon's personal experiences with patients and their opinions on what speeds recovery, improves outcome and increases the patient's own comfort and satisfaction.  We all have different experiences and no two patients can be exactly alike.  What may work extremely well for some patients may not work at all for others.  That's another reason to keep in close contact with the office that performed the procedure, so they can advise you on changes you can make to your aftercare regime as well as gain insight as to what you may be experiencing that may be of value to future patients and effect how we manage their aftercare.  Keeping these lines of communication open is helpful for all.  There are many 'right' ways to approach aftercare and sometimes it's just a matter of finding which one is best for you.

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Why the differences?

Interesting question. The basic CELLULAZE training gives ONLY an outline to follow. Each individual Plastic surgeon than decides the post treatment regime to follow. This is based upon the surgeon's experience and beliefs. In my opinion close follow up visits, lymphatic massages, and Topifoam garment use for at least 2 weeks at a minimum to 2 months are the post op regime I offer. Maybe other certified CELLULAZE docs will respond. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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