Do All of You Participate in Referring to MLD Practitioners Post Surgery and Post Botox?

I am interested to know if you participate in the process of referrals to MLD specialists for post surgical and post botox problems for beneficial healing for your patients. Also have you heard of any crystallization problems in the lymphatics or the fat bad area post botox?

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Botox does not need massage or lympatic drainage

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I am not aware of crystallization of botox in lymphatics nor any reason that there should be lymphatic drainage after Botox injections as the medicine affects the neuromuscular junction of the site injected.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Manual Lymphatic Massage after minimally invasive procedures

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MLD is not required for improving the swelling after minimally invasive procedure since the swelling is minimal and is short lasting.


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Massage after Cosmetic Procedures

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I have not found manual lymphatic drainage to be helpful after Botox or other cosmetic procedures. In general, the swelling after Botox and even dermal fillers is transient and resolves quite quickly. Some fillers, such as Sculptra, do require local massage after the procedure. However, with other fillers, local massage can displace the filler and potentially lead to a suboptimal cosmetic outcome. Swelling can be significant in larger surgical procedures, such as lymph node resections for skin cancer. MLD may have a role in some of these specific cases. 

Adam J. Mamelak, MD
Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

Generally never.

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Swelling is not a significant issue after BOTOX.  Swelling can be more of a issue after a hyaluronic acid filler service.  However, I would never refer someone for manual message of a filled area because this might potentially displace the injected product in an uncontrolled way.  Far better to simply be patient and let the swelling resolve on its own.  This is also true for surgery.  Again please see my other response to your other question.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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MLD after surgery and Botox

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I imagine that very few doctors actually refer their patients for formal MLD.  Swelling resolves spontaneously anyway and many question whether MLD is more placebo than real.

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