Would Like Your Opinion On Which Size Of Chin Implant Is Best For Me (photo)

Hi All. i am 28yrs old male and looking for a chin implant. I think I will need them if I want a better profile. Im posting my pic for a better understanding, have a look please and I would like to know how big an implant do you think I will need... My confidence is rock bottom and I NEED this to get this over and done with :/ what else can be done in order for me to get a better profile. ALL the answers will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Saint.

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Preformed Implants Do Not Work Well For A Combined Vertical-Horizontal Chin Deficieincy

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What you have is a combined vertical and horizontal deficiency of the chin undoubtably due to a very short lower jaw. While lower jaw advancement surgery is what you ideally need, I will assume for the sake of this discussion that you are aware of that treatment approach and are passing on that more comprehensive mandibular plan. There is no off-the-shelf preformed chin implant that is going to give you the result that you want. All available chin implants provide only a horizontal increase in projection which, when done in the face of a vertical deficiency, will result in an unsatisfactory appearance with a persistent vertically short chin and a significant deepening of thelabiomental fold. Your options are either a custom-designed chin implant that makes for a three-dimensional chin change (both vertical and horizontal increase) or to consider a chin osteotomy with or without a preformed implant put in front of it. You should have computer imaging to show you how the chin would change when all of the treatments discussed are applied to your problem.

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