Why All Doctors Are Saying Fraxel is Safe, and Won't Openly Discuss the Possible Fat Loss, Pigmentation and Volume Loss?

After wondering howcome I seem to age so quickly after four fraxels I googled about fraxel and the flood of negative comments made me petrified! Never imagined that couple years after treatment I might deal with the negative consequences such as saggy skin, loss of muscle tone,loss of fat, tissue damage..I was never told any of this at the doctor's office, why not? That's their duty isn't it?? I feel sick to my stomach.I only wanted sincere truth& make my own mind up instead of being blindsided.

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It is your right to know.

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I am very sorry to read about your situation. I have noticed in my practice and on this site that many patients are saying that they had a Fraxel treatment, but when I investigate, the "doctor" used something else. Some other laser, not a Fraxel laser. And I noticed that when I bought my Fraxel SR 1500 (I practice in Atlanta), there were several "doctors" in my area who advertised that they owned a Fraxel, but I investigated this and they did not. There are several reasons for this:1. A Fraxel laser is very expensive, and the treatment tips are expensive2. As soon as the Fraxel was introduced, there were several cheap imitations that hit the market. They didn't work anything like the Fraxel and they cause harm. And more cheap imitations are introduced every year. 3.Doctors are not doing their homework. They need to sit down and study their physics and make sure they understand exactly what a laser can do. If they are too lazy to read they need to stay away from lasers. My advice to you is to get your records, contact Solta Medical and find out if it was a Fraxel laser, and see an attorney.

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