I Had Liposuction Twice for the Same Area with No Result At all, Why?

now its 2 months after the second surgery please hellp me to know why

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When do you see the final results after liposuction?

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When do you see the final results after liposuction?

  • When your swelling has subsided
  • When the fibrosis (tissue firmness) has resolved
  • When you are at the same or lower weight than you were at the time of surgery

These factors can take up to four or six months to completely resolve.

It is worrisome, however, that this is the second procedure to the same area without any result.  Make sure that your surgeon performs a high number of liposuction procedures.

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Lack Of Results From Liposuction

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There are several explanations which include inadequate treatment, lack of sufficient fat in the treated area initially, and residual swelling and lymphedema that has yet to resolve. After two surgeries and being two months out from the last one, one would doubt it is any issue of persistent swelling. Without more information as to the treated site and looking at before and after pictures, the first two explanations can only remain speculative.

No result after liposuction

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Here are four likely explanations:

  1. The swelling hasn't yet gone down. It can take six months.
  2. There was no fat to remove in the area
  3. You gained weight after surgery.
  4. Your surgeon under-treated the area.

I suggest that you return to your surgeon to discuss this. Was your liposuction done by someone other than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? Be sure your second opinion is. You will be charged but we actually do know more! It's our specialty. Best of luck.

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