Why is my Aligner Loose in my Mouth?

I've been wearing my new tray for four days now, and one of the aligners has just become loose on one side of my mouth. Is this normal, or am I removing my aligners incorrectly?

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Loose aligners are a sign of a problem

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Have your DDS take a look and see if there's a tear someplace. If there is then it will make it loose but its no big deal because you get a new one in 10 days. Make sure you bite on cotton to push it into place...

Los Angeles Dentist

Aligners shouldn't be loose

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If you have only been wearing your aligner for 4 days, it should not be loose. There is a difference between it being loose and not fitting correctly. The aligner should not become loose from taking it in and out.  I would give it a day or two to settle in and if the aligner doesn't fit any better, I would recommend seeing your invisalign doctor.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Aligners don't create suction

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The fit of an aligner is unlike other devices that may create suction.  The pressure from the aligner is what is key, so as long as they are not falling out of your mouth they are likely doing their job.  Show your treating dentist/orthodontist and they should be able to guide you.

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