What can be done for vertical lines on upper jaw after Necklift? (photos)

I had my necklift 6 months ago & am fairly pleased with my recovery and results but I have a vertical line below my lower lip to my ears on both sides. My son says it looks like the "Joker" face from the Batman movie for a visual discription. What is this caused from and what can I do to diminish this? I have another follow up with my surgeon in 5 weeks. Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

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What can be done for vertical lines on upper jaw after Necklift? = follow up with our surgeon

Patients with questions and concern about their neck lift outcome should contact the plastic surgeon that performed the procedure to address these concerns and determine if there is need any need of management.

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Needs a check

Talk to your doctor about touch up liposuction. This may be able to remove the fat and residual bulge as a touch up by your surgeon. The would likely redrape favorably.

You may need other treatments to tighten the skin, remove the bulge, and improve you situation, but your surgeon wants you to look good and may help you with this.

An exam will help to determine the softness of your tissues.

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Botox, Thermage, Ultherapy for the Win--Skin Tightening after Necklift

This can be treated by botox injections and skin tightening procedures such as thermage or ultherapy. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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