Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?

I wanna use alexandrite laser on my legs.I would like to know how much energy should be use? I had 4 sessions on my chin. for the first, second, third and forth the amount of energy was 16,18,14,14 J/m^2.I did the first and second treatment in Turkey and the 3rd and forth in Portugal.and still there are lots of hair on my chin and I dont have any hormonal problem In Portugal they only use 14 J/m^2.can anyone help me to be sure that how much should be the amount of energy ?

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Alexandrite Laser for Hair Removal

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Hi Sonia.  It is not easy to determine the settings over the internet.  Spot size, calibration of the laser, skin type and pulse width can all affect the fluence (power) settings.

The key issue is that the skin should look a certain way during the treatment.  Follicular edema (redness) and ant bites (small bumps) are normal when providing a good treatment.  But a quality laser operator will not focus on the settings, but rather on what the skin looks like during the treatment.

If it felt different to you at the different settings then all the treatments may not have been effective.

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