Alexandrite, diode, or ng:yag? Or a combination? (photos)

Do i have to see a dr. Or is a trained licensed experienced aesthetician ok? Looking to do laser hair removal in various areas. I've read completely contradictory information on what each laser does what skin/hair type. I think I'm skin type II but maybe a III (light/beige). Legs: hair not too thick or thin, not blonde but not black hair. Bikini: course/black. Feet: thin &lighter than legs mostly light brown some blondish. armpit: course/black. happy trail: mixed course/medium, color mixed black and light. Should I use different lasers for each area? Scared to burn

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Which laser for hair removal

It seems from your description and your photographs that probably the Alexandrite would be the best laser for your hair reduction treatment. Though the Nd:Yag can be used on any skin type, the Alexandrite is best utilized for patients who have skin types I through IV. There are some patients that are skin type IV that the Nd:Yag may be better for them than the Alexandrite. Patients who are on this sort of "borderline" may be best suited with a test patch. Diode lasers are typically more painful for hair reduction treatments.

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