Possible revision Asian eyelid surgery? (photo)

Hi doctors! I had a double eyelid surgery in 2007. After surgery two eyes were asymmetrical, and right eye had triple eyelid. One year later, I had a second surgery on the right eye to correct the problems. Now, the eyelid/eyelashes looks pulled up too much. It looks very unnatural and the scar is very obvious. Is this fixable? Thanks!

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Revision Asian blepharoplasty

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Hello chuchuzhu, thank you for sharing with us your question and photos.  Just going by your photos, your right eyelid still appears quite "tense" compared to your left eyelid which is much more relaxed and natural-appearing.  It would be quite challenging to revise the right eyelid to make it look like your left because you don't seem to have the excess skin to do so.  It may be easier to revise the left eyelid to make it look more like the right but that may be going against your wishes.  I know it's been years since your last revision and you've been patient all along, but you may benefit from holding off the revision until you have more excess skin to work with. It'd be best for you to consult with board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in Asian blepharoplasty so you can be evaluated in person to get the most accurate assessment.  Best of luck! 

Goretti H. Taghva MD

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
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Eyelid revision

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Chuchuzhu, looking at your picture I ask myself if I think the right upper crease too high or the left upper crease too low.  I feel that you may want to consider actually removing a bit more skin from the left upper eyelid to balance out the right.  I've seen patients who have undergone revisions to a higher crease with more scarring.  Laser treatment to the scar of the right upper lid can help reduce the scar.  Hope this helps.  Cheers

Hugo Higa, MD
Honolulu Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Revision asian eyelid surgery for asymmetry and eyelash position

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Afternoon chuchuzhu,

It may be correctable but it's a little tough to be specific about what can be done without and exam but it appears that some of the tethered lid on the right can be released and the crease lowered with incision technique and anchoring technique but the left crease may need too be elevated also using an incision technique.

You can expect to have a little bit of a longer healing process and you should also make sure you have reasonable expectations.  The longer you wait the easier the revision and more reliable the outcome.

Chase Lay MD
Asian eyelid surgery specialist 

Chase Lay, MD
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