Why the price differences with Fraxel vs Restore?

I noticed that there can be a large variable in prices charged for Fraxel:Restore from doctor to doctor and in geographic areas around the country. What are the elements that go into deciding the price to charge beyond cost of living price of the geographic area where the office is located and how high profile a doctor is. If someone is a patient, how does one go about finding the best price for similar skill set, beyond just calling doctor office after doctor office?

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Fraxel and Price

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The price of the laser is both dependent on the type of procedure and the skill and experience of the physician.  Too many spas offer "bargains" from untrained technicians or touting to use "Fraxel" and finding out afterwards it was not that laser.  You are paying for both the technology and moreover the skill of the physician and qualifications.  Best, Dr. Green

Risks, passes and experience

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This is a hard question to answer. This is my personal viewpoint and may not be shared by others. If I were to perform Restore, I would go well beyond the recommended settings, namely cover 60-70% of your skin in one pass. This takes a skill set above and beyond the normal recommendations. This translates to a much better result, with less redness, and less treatments. 

Hence you are paying for a result, not a treatment. Board Certified Specialist generally charge higher, due to the risk/ benefit ratio and the parameters they push, compared to a Doctor who buys a Fraxel machine and decides to follow protocols. 

Laser companies always factor the experience of the doctor (least experience) to deliver outcomes with more treatments. Good specialist always push this envelope to deliver better outcomes with less treatments. 


All the best,

Dr Davin Lim
Laser, surgical and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

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