Is this a normal settling pattern for breast implants at 6 weeks? (photo)

5'0 100lbs, 325cc silicone mod+ submusc in the crease 6wks ago. I am reposting with different pics because I think I was unclear in my question. I can feel the edge of the implant until the inside corner of my incision and then it is flat as you go towards the sternum giving my breasts an angular appearance underneath. Will the implant drop into that area too?What causes this? I'm only asking in this forum to avoid wasting my PS's time w/ an unnecessary appt since I will see him in 2wks.Thanks!

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Breast augmentation

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In my own practice I tell my patients that it will be about three weeks before they even believe that they're going to come down, by about 12 weeks I will know and you will know you are high,but no one else will care, and ultimately your most natural result will come between six and 12 months after surgery.

Some patients can take longer to drop than others depending on the size of the implant and their anatomy. For example, it will take longer for a 500 CC implant stretch and relax the skin and muscle than a smaller implant. A more muscular person with a sub muscular implant will take longer for the implant to drop as well.

Share your concerns with your plastic surgeon, who I suspect will walk you through this and confirm that your normal.

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6 week post op

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Six weeks is still early, and the appearance of the implants is not yet final. As always, preop photos would help when looking at outcome photos. 

Best answer will come at your visit to your surgeon in two weeks.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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This is a great pic and a great question, a lot of women have blunted or not round breast going into surgery especially in the lower half of the breast near the sternum, this is almost uncorrectable and totally normal


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It's still early post-op.  I would recommend being more patient.  It takes 6-12 months to see what your final results will look like.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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