Implants for dense breasts with calcifications?

I am almost 39 with no family history or breast cancer risk factors. During BA prep, I had a mammogram which showed a calcification group I had biopsied and came back benign (thank god). In thinking about the BA surgery, can anyone speak to how the implants might affect future imaging for dense breasts With lots of calcifications? I was told I don't need another mammogram till age 40. I am unsure of what to do. This entire process has been terrifying. Thank you

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Implants for dense breasts with calcifications?

Thank you for sharing your question and your apprehension/anxiety is understandable.  I would recommend placement of implants beneath your chest muscle in order to have a separation between your implant and breast tissue making mammography easier.  Women with implants also undergo additional views, Eklund views, which allows the greatest percentage of breast tissue visualization.  There have been studies performed that show that the timing of identification of breast cancer and patient's outcomes are similar between women with and without implants.  Talk to your surgeon about your concerns, they can best provide you with reassurances and can answer all of your questions. 

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Breasts augmentation in calcified breasts

Dear Ketchum,

     Congratulation on your benign biopsy. Since you do not have familial history of cancer , in my opinion you are an average risk .  Obviously though, discuss this issue with your internist or general surgeon.

   Breasts augmentation will be one of the best investments in yourself. It will increase your confidence, your self esteem, your sense of femininity and will make shopping fun...

   For your peace of mind, the best approach for you will be sub muscular breasts augmentation with smooth saline implants. This will give you the best mammography reading with least interference.

   You have to realize that not all results are the same, because experience, skills and aesthetic eye are critical for good outcome. So, do your due diligence carefully and choose your surgeon wisely, in order to avoid bad result and need for corrective surgery.

   Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who operate in accredited surgery center for your safety. Most importantly, check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice cleavage, perky, symmetrical and natural looking.

                        Best of luck,

                                        Dr Widder

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Implants for dense breasts with calcifications?

Thank you for your question.  I do understand your concern and a decision to have breast implants should only be made after a thorough discussion with your primary care doctor, breast surgeon and a board certified plastic surgeon.  If you choose to have breast augmentation, the implants should be placed beneath the chest muscle which will allow more thorough mammograms and provide some protection and coverage of the implant should you need further biopsy in the future.

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