Adhesions following genioplasty - can anything be done? (Photo)

I had a genioplasty performed along with a forward sliding sagittal split osteotomy 7 years ago. Significant internal scarring/adhesions formed around the genioplasty. I have bothersome tightness across my whole chin to the corners of my lower lip, my lower lip is slightly pulled down, and there is some lip incompetence. I'm pretty frustrated after years of trying to deal with this. Are there any ways to reduce or loosen these adhesions?

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Because it's been 7 years ago, I believe it is prudent to obtain a new set of x-rays.  They will show how the bones have healed, the integrity of screws and plates, and overall shape of the bones.  I suspect the bulging on the side may be due to the bony overgrowth.  If the bones are in good condition and well contoured, then, it may be due to the soft tissue problem.  But first, I believe you need to make sure that the bones are in good shape.  


Alex Kim, MD

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