Why would this be recommended?

I've had my 2nd now consultation,..referring removal of my breast implants, in exchange for smaller ones, still the full round size, with a lift,. I got told if I go small even with a lift, it wouldn't help , bc the "smaller implants ", so why would I pay for a lift? Then I was told well u could just take out implants, bc you look like you may be the size you want to be, ummmm! No!, I'm currently pushing a DD, I want a small round, perky size look,. #givingup :/

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Why would this be recommended?

Although I think I understand your concerns, I would rather not speculate. I would suggest that you post photographs, with your next question, for (hopefully) meaningful online advice.   Best wishes.

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Downsize and a lift

without pictures it is very difficult to answer this question. Based upon your written desires, it sounds like you need an implant exchange(to smaller implants if that is what you desire) with a lift


Thank you for your question, but photos would help in answering.  Based on the information you have shared, I would recommend removing the implants or replacing them with smaller ones before considering a lift.  You can always get a lift at a later date, if needed.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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