How white can my teeth get with Zoom! whitening?

I recently visited my dentist for routine cleaning and asked about the in office whitening. She told me that it's typical to see 2-3 shades whiter but I feel like it's a waste just for a few shades. From what I've read, it can get up to 15 shades lighter, which I realize may be reaching... but three shades?? Is it worth it? She mentioned that it would be four 20 minute sessions if that helps.

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Zoom bleaching

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Three to 4 shades seems inadequate, but 15 is an overstated claim.  There is no guarantee of results with Zoom whitening but generally speaking, The darker your teeth are to start with, the more noticeable the final results will be.  4 sessions is recommended.

Steven M. Goldy DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist

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