Will I Have to Pay for Correction As Nipples Are to High and Scars Are Really Bad? (photo)

I had a breast uplift 7 months ago. My body rejected the sutures and I had several infections in the incisions above both my nipples. I have been left with bad scaring and my nipples are also so high that they hang out of my bras and I can never wear nice dresses or tops. I am very unhappy with the outcome. Will I be able to get this corrected? Will I have to pay?

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Scar revision after a breast lift

It is unfortunate that you have had so many healing problems.  A revision of your vertical breast lift may be a choice as would be reducing the size of your implants.  You would need to check with your surgeons policy about secondary revisions.  

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High nipples

You have a fairly difficult problem to deal with. The nipples are not terribly high. You have very large areolars. Do you have implants? If you do I would suggest going smaller which would enable the surgeon to decrease the size of your areola complex. If no implant, would reduce your size by removing some breast tissue and again reducing the areola size.

You will probably have to pay if you see a new sugeon. I you use your original surgeon you might get a reduction.

Good luck

Peter Fisher, MD
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Will I Have to Pay for Correction As Nipples Are Too High and Scars Are Really Bad?

     By removing skin at the inframammary crease, the areolar position can be lowered to some extent.




Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Will I Have to Pay for Correction As Nipples Are to High and Scars Are Really Bad? (photo)

Sorry for your results and suture complications. Most likely you will have to pay for revision sorry to say. Where did you have the surgery done? What country? By whom? 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Scarring around areola

This can be difficult to treat if they are in a high position.  A revision may be possible but you may be left with scars that stick out of your bra.  An exam in person would be essential to determine what could be done.

Steven Wallach, MD
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