What are the alternatives to temporal fascia?

I am looking to having a revision soon and I think the best route (as identified by various doctors) is to add fascia to the bridge of my nose to slighly augment it and then add then slightly project it. However, I am losing my hair so I don't want the scar from the temporal fascia. What alternatives are there? I heard there is rib liner that may work? Is there a way to get temporal fascia from behind my ear? Thank you!

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Using fascia for rhinoplasty

The scar for temporalis fascia harvest is kept low, just above the ear, in hair that will usually not fall out over time. You could make the incision behind the ear, but would have to still come up over above the ear to get good, usable fascia. You can use fascia lata from the side of the thigh, but the scar is move visible and the recovery is more painful. The periosteum covering the rib would probably not be big enough to use. I hope that helps.

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